The Nocturnists Podcast

In 2019 The Nocturnists podcast brought me onboard to overhaul their graphic identity and restructure their website. This involved designing a logo, color schematic and creating illustrations for the site and social media and unique artwork for each episode.



This moody vignette communicates the feelings present in the podcast and its live events and introduces the color scheme for the brand


Podcast Logo

Based on the caduceus The Nocturnists logo combines a microphone with the vines as a representation of growth and sharing.

1 - The Lazarus Effect.jpg

S2 E1: The Lazarus Effect

“Emergency medicine physician Joe Sills panics when the patient he has just pronounced dead regains a pulse…” LISTEN HERE

2 - Compassionate Release.jpg

S2 E2: Compassionate release

“…a hospice physician who cares for incarcerated men, races against the cock and slashes through bureaucratic tape to held a dying man go home.” LISTEN HERE